55% Nickel(II) Sulfamate Electrolyte

Technical specifications 6-00209817-031-96

    Nickel(II) Sulfamate electrolyte is used to obtain of highly durable galvanic coatings on the surface of molds and matrixs for stamping of the machine parts of any complexity. Such coating provides high strength, long-living, resistance to aggressive environments, to high and low temperatures, and also to radiation. Only by using Nickel(II) Sulfamate electrolyte you can obtain a coating with thickness up to 8 mm that provides trouble-free operation of the machine parts even at loads of more than 3000 atmospheres. This electrolyte is also used to coat the insulation materials such as glass, plastic, etc.

Product specifications

Physical state and appearance

Transparent green liquid

Mass fraction of main substance,%, not  less than


Hydrogen ion  activity, рН units


Internal tension, kg /cm2, not more than


Internal tension after double dilution, kg /cm2, not more than


Appearance of the cathode coating of the original electrolyte

The copper plate has a light gray coating


55% Nickel(II) Sulfamate Electrolyte