Hardener AF-2

Technical specifications  2494-511-00203521-94

   AF-2 epoxy resin hardener is the highly active aliphatic amine. It is a viscous liquid of red-brown color, insoluble in water. It is a product of the interaction of phenol and ethylenediamine in the medium of formaldehyde. It is used for curing of epoxy resins at the room temperature with high humidity and under water. It is also used for production of glues.


  AF-2 product specifications

Physical state and appearance

  Liquid from yellow to dark red color

Mass fraction of  Nitrogen, %


Dynamic  viscosity at  25°C, Pa·s



 The properties of polymer materials based  on the epoxy resin and  AF-2 hardener

Gel time at 25°С, min


Impact strength, kJ·cm2



Hardener AF-2