Hardener UP-0633M

Technical specifications 20.1-05761293-011:2017

   Hardener UP-0633M is used for curing of different types of epoxy resin in ambient temperature. As a mid-reactivity hardener, it may be used as an alternative to polyethylene polyamine (PEPA) in industry compounds, glues, cementing materials. Using UP-0633M instead of PEPA allows to stabilizing the curing process and significantly improving structural properties of the material. In addition, UP-0633M significantly reduces the volatility and toxicity of epoxy сompositions.


 UP-0633M product specifications

Physical state and appearance

Transparent liquid

Color on the dichromatic scale, not more than


Dynamic  viscosity at 25°C, Pa·s


Mass fraction of  Nitrogen, %



 The properties of polymer materials based  on the epoxy resin and UP-0633M  hardener

Gel time at 100°С, min


Impact strength, kJ·cm2


Relative elongation at break, %